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Enugu 2023: CEPP backs Peter Mbah, lists expectations of Enugu people



Conference of Enugu Progressive Professionals (CEPP), a global body of professionals of Enugu State stock, has made vital recommendations to the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Barrister Peter Mbah, whom they said possesses the wherewithal to give Enugu State high quality leadership, if elected in forthcoming election.

CEPP listed a number of critical infrastructures and programs which it advised the next administration in the state to regard as a priority after its global online conference held last weekend.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Okonkwo J. Igwe and Secretary General Jacobs Egbonwachi respectively, CEPP, while thanking Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Enugu citizens in general for choosing Mbah, stated that a cerebral character like Barr Mbah is what Enugu State needs at this critical stage of its development.

The group congratulated the candidate (Mbah), affirming their confidence that “he is bound to emerge governor.” It however, said the challenges before the business mogul are many, but expressed confidence that he will hit the ground running, when elected to office.

The two page statement reads:

The Conference of Enugu Progressive Professionals therefore, in congratulating you and your running mate sir, Barrister Ifeanyi Ossai, believe very strongly that as a man of impeccable character and sound upbringing, what you are bringing to the table is the kind our great state needs at this critical stage of our development in Africa and the world.

With the wide range of leadership needs of our people, as ndị Enugu, ndi Igbo, Nigerians and Black Africans, we believe that there is a lot you are going to be doing but do not doubt that you will hit the ground running. The following are suggestions of areas that we, in our different experiences are convinced need serious attention as firsts, among the projects your government would embark on-

1. Road development in the rural areas: Enugu people are majorly rural dwellers, with agriculture and trade as our mainstay. Unfortunately, most of the roads in our rural communities are destitute, decrepit and seriously needs attention. We at CEPP believe that a a massive delve into roads and bridges construction across the 17 local governments in the state will quickly launch our state into the future, and once again stand it out as the capital of Igbo land. No doubt, this will be a daunting task that will require lots of funds, but we must sacrifice every money we can to begin this massive construction site, and launch a state ‘akin to Dubai’, by the time your government is through with these projects.

2. Agricultural development: Being a farming people from ancestry, our people live agriculture by default and would usually succeed most as farmers, and traders of farm products.

It is therefore imperative that governments that desire the progress of the state and its people must focus on this field. We are asking that the incoming Administration takes a very critical look at this field given the advantages of water bodies in the State especially Idodo river.

Without any assistance at all, Enugu farmers, from Nkanu land to Nsukka, from Awgu to Agbaja, have excelled beyond expectations not only in farming and trading regular crops like rice, garri, yams etc, but we are adjudged to have the most diversity in food technology in Igbo land, (which happens to be number one in quality foods production). These special food types that need scientific development and investment could include varieties like akidi, agbugbu/fiofio, Ukwa, ugba/ukpaka, ji ona, ọkpa, ukpo okwuru, achịcha, anara and ewa vegetables, soup condiments like okobo, akparata, ọfọ, achị and so many others that have not been given any attention by governments.

We cannot continue to focus on regular foods like rice, cassava and others that the rest of the world are competing to develop, we need to make a difference, and escalate our income in the local and international markets.

3. Water Revolution in Enugu city and the state in general – Scarcity of water has become a very embarrassing situation in Enugu State. A few years back, Enugu State has been one of the few states in the country said to lack water, where its people have contacted water- related diseases. In Enugu East zone to be precise, a large number of people were hospitalised in Nkerefi in Nkanu East LGA and Ezza Nkwubo, Enugu East LGA due to guinea worm.

More worrisome is the fact that the Enugu Water Board that prided itself in the past as the supplier of water to the whole Eastern Nigeria, including Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi and Imo States is today practically dead. Enugu dwellers have to buy water from tankers who exploit the citizens in order to drink, cook and wash. This is undesirable and an emergency which we trust that your government can handle in the first year of leadership. We are therefore appealing that you put this at the forefront of your projects.

4. Exploration of the Mining Potentials of Enugu State, including Coal and Petroleum deposits: We have read in the news reports with gladness in our hearts, that some of the critical areas in your programme is the mining sector, we therefore will not dwell much in this.

We will only briefly mention it that, like you have observed rightly in the past, our state is very rich in mineral deposits. Apart from coal in Enugu and petroleum in…, we are aware of other mineral deposits in places like Nkerefi, Nkwubor-Nike, Owo and many other communities.

A functional Ministry of Mining and Minerals will do our people a lot of good.

5. Modern, Tech-based leadership: Every leader of the modern world must run a tech-based government in order not just to succeed but also to make explosive impacts across the country and the globe.

We have got the technical knowhow, the manpower and a populace hungry and wiling to become like the rest of the world in the InfoTech industry. We therefore solicit an expanded Otigba Railway ICT centre to be domiciled hub with supportive facilities.

6. Amusement Park and Lifestyle Satellite Town: A multipurpose park with classified zoo is long overdue. Enugu State can be a reserve for some of the finest breeds of wildlife in this part of the world given our conducive geography. To achieve these and more we appeal for an administration defined by private-public partnerships driven by people oriented policies.

We, at CEPP believe that Enugu State can become self-sustaining with an idea-driven leader like you, and we are convinced that if you take steps in the fields we enumerated, a lot can be achieved.

We look forward to a wonderful outing with you at the helm, steering the affairs of our dear state to prosperity and happiness.

Congratulations in advance.

Long live Enugu State!

Long live Nigeria!


Okonkwo J Igwe, President

Jacobs Egbonwachi, Secretary – General.

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Enugu govt threatens to shut down institutions, businesses obeying sit-at-home



The Enugu State Government has called on residents of the state to ignore the sit-at-home being enforced by some members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafria,  IPOB.
The government directed all schools, markets, banks, retail outlets, hospitals, transporters, and malls to operate every day of the week, including Mondays.

It warned that defaulters of the directive may be forced to shut down with immediate effect, stressing that the states’s taskforce would be moving around to check compliance.

According to a statement issued on Saturday by the state government, the call followed a recent ban and cancellation of the sit-at-home in the state.

The statement reads, “This is to inform all schools, markets, banks, retail outlets, hospitals, transporters, malls and the general members of the public that, in view of the recent ban/cancellation of Mondays’ sit-at-home by the Government of Enugu State, in all nooks and crannies of the state, they have been directed to go about their normal businesses and activities every day of the week, including Mondays.

“The above-mentioned bodies and others alike are required to comply with the directive as adequate security measures have been taken to guarantee their safety.

The statement noted that members of the government’s taskforce will be moving around to monitor compliance. Any market, transport outlet, or any other body that fails to open for business risks being shut down immediately.

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Ebonyi: Governor Nwifuru appoints SA on Street Light, 20 others



Governor of Ebonyi State, Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru
Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru has appointed 21 aides as  Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants.

The appointment was contained in a public service announcement signed by Dr. Monday Uzor, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor.

Below are the list of those appointed into various positions:

Emerike Chinedu – SSA Security, Ebonyi North
Felix Okemini – SSA Security, Izzi LGA
Sunday Ogbonna – SA Security, Abakaliki LGA
Mbam Emmanuel Obinna – SA, Internal Security, Ebonyi LGA
Ogbonna Tobias – SA, Internal Security, Ohaukwu
Chukwuemeka Nwokpo – SA, Internal Security South

Godwin Okum – SA, Internal Security Ezza North
Desmond Edeke – SA, Internal Security Ikwo LGA
Easy Okike-Uzo – SA, Internal Security Onicha LGA
Chukwu Godwin – SA, Internal Security Ohaozara
Obinna Oko-Enyim – SA, Internal Security Afikpo North
Chima Nnachi Okoro – SA, Internal Security Afikpo South
Cletus Nga – SA, Internal Security Ivo LGA
Dr. Boniface Nwankwo – SA Documentation
Leo Ekene Oketa, – SA New Media

Mrs. Ifeoma Agwu – SA, Primary Education
Dr. Sabinus Nwibo – SA, Primary Health Care
Pan Christ Ikechukwu Eze, – SA, Capital City
Sylvester Nwamini – SA, Streetlight
Nnanna Nwangele – SA, Airport Security
Franklin Nkemjika Enyi – SA Airport SecurityAccording to the Statesmen, the appointees will be sworn-in on Monday, 5th June, 2023.
Time: 10 a.m at the Executive Council Chambers, Government House, Ochudo Centenary City, Abakaliki.

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Tinubu’s government temporary — Atiku



Tinubu and Atiku

Defeated presidential candidate of the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the last general elections, Atiku Abubakar has expressed confidence that he will reclaim his alleged stolen mandate at the court.

He, therefore, referred to the President Bola Tinubu-led APC administration as a “temporary government”.

Atiku Abubakar who addressed elected officials of the PDP during a stakeholders meeting held at the Government House Banquet Hall in Bauchi on Saturday, charged members of the National Assembly of the PDP not to be “rubber stamp members of the National Assembly”.

He added; “You are there to serve as a formidable opposition to this temporary administration.”

According to him, “Based on the results announced by the INEC and pending the determination of electoral challenges in the court, our members elect are not the majority in the National Assembly.

“So, for the time being, they have to prepare to work as an effective, constructive opposition while also preparing for possible roles of the majority party when the cases are resolved. A Government in waiting, so to speak.”

Atiku Abubakar stressed that, “In the recently concluded elections, our party campaigned on specific things, Nigerians are therefore expecting you to work on how to fulfil those campaign promises. That you are not among the INEC selected members is not an excuse not to perform, you must collectively work to put the temporary government on the right direction to serve Nigerians. Don’t be part of rubber stamp.”

He continued; “As you know, the PDP remains the only political party that is led by all its members, not a political party that is led by a few political godfathers. No one individual or group of people are bigger than the party in the PDP. You are Representatives of the party, do not be tempted to leave your party just because of INEC induced temporary setback.

“In the end, the truth shall triumph over falsehood and evil. Therefore, you must please remain resolute, do not work in isolation from one another, you are a team and should always work to together as a team in order to achieve meaningful results and also remain connected to your roots, your constituents and other stakeholders.”

The former Vice President explained that, “Retreat such as this, is like a meeting you will have with someone or a group about to embark on a very important journey or mission.”

“It is to discuss what we expect from the journey, how to prepare adequately for that journey including pieces of advise on how to handle various challenges that might be encountered along the way and also at the destination,” he further added.

He, however, charged the members-elect not to lose hope.

“Don’t ever lose hope, the role of the opposition is holding the government in majority party to account. And in doing so, you demonstrate that you and your party are ready to govern at the shortest possible time,” he said. (STribune)

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